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Wildtree Independent Distributors are making a significant contribution in the Food Revolution!  They're helping America take a look at their pantry and ways they can stock healthy versions of the seasonings, cooking oil, marinades, sauces and more using Wildtree's organic and all-natural food line.

The primary method of distribution to consumers is via tasting parties. The format of the parties are the simplest on the market today. With about 10 minutes of information presented by the independent rep and then tasting many of the wonderful samples! It's FUN and very social!

Basically there are four ways to be involved with Wildtree:

1. As a Representative - and we need you to join our team! Comparing to our companies of this nature, there are very few  representatives across the country at this point, so you could be THE FIRST or one of the first in your neck of the woods! It's a low cost investment for the business kit...and it's risk free since if you find out the business is not for you...consider it a grocery bill and you get to eat your kit!!

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2. As a Host - just let us know when you want to earn tons of free food products. We can get a host packet in the mail and coach you on how to have a GREAT Wildtree Tasting. Super easy!

3. As a Wildtree Culinary Club Member - this is a wholesale buying opportunity with specials made available monthly to you! It's $25 for a Lifetime Membership and well worth every penny! Best part...you order online and it's delivered directly to you're home.

4. As a Customer! You will LOVE these fabulous products!

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Wildtree is an all-natural food company that doesn't use any preservatives, no food dyes and NO MSG! From appetizers to desserts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wildtree is a great choice! Now they're ORGANIC!!

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