Wildtree Herbs And Cholesterol

Wildtree Herbs. Can it reduce your cholesterol levels?

Wildtree is an all-natural food line containing no chemicals, food addivitves or MSG. It was created this way because the founder, Leslie Montie, had kids with special dietary needs. Since grocery stores primarily carry processed foods, she needed a way to feed her kids. The rest they say is "history".

They have around 200 items ranging from appetizers to desserts - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grapeseed oil is their signature product along with culinary blends, sauces, marinades, soups and breads.

Only A Tool

Our health is determined by many different factors. Foods we eat, physical activity, stress, career, relationships and more have an impact on how we feel.

To say Wildtree Herbs reduces your cholesterol levels would be misleading. However, their product line encourages a change in eating habits that can have a positive effect onn your cholesterol and other ailments.

Wildtree Herbs - Grapeseed Oil Benefits

Grapeseed oil (GSO) is very similar to the health benefits of olive oil. Olive oil has become the popular “healthy oil” most will have in their kitchen. Grapeseed oil on the other hand is just gaining in popularity.

However GSO has half the saturated fat of olive oil. It also has one of the highest flashpoints (burning point) of all cooking oils.

When it comes the health benefits, GSO helps in the body's production of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)...the "good" cholesterol. Thus this increases your HDL to LDL ratio.

GSO is also high in Lenoleic Acid. This is a fatty acid which acts as a transporter for saturated fats, helping reduce the risk of accumulation in the arteries.

Wildtree Herbs grapeseed oil does not contain any preservatives such as TBHQ or BHT. It is not hydrogenated. It is also expeller pressed, not extracted with chemicals like the majority of GSO in the marketplace.

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Encouraging A Change In Eating Habits

With the unprocessed ingredients of Wildtree, the true benefit comes from ridding your pantry of many unhealthy products from your shelves. The high sodium, sugar, hydrogenated oils and additives of many of the grocery store bought brands can have an adverse effect on your health.

So by using Wildtree products, your meals contain less of the bad ingredients that is the source of many chronic ailments.


Terry P., a health professional had high cholesterol levels. She knew that diet and exercise would help get it in a safe range. She started using Wildtree products to help with the healthy eating part. Within a short time, Terry said "I am still plugging along with Wildtree and reaping the benefits - I was able to get off my Statin!

Not all attributable to Wildtree...but it had a postive impact. Terry has now become an independent rep of Wildtree! :)

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Wildtree is an all-natural food company that doesn't use any preservatives, no food dyes and NO MSG! From appetizers to desserts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wildtree is a great choice!

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