Pink Slime McDonalds - Are you still buying it at the store?

Pink Slime McDonalds - Are you still buying it at the store?  Are your kids eating it at school?  Has anything changed since it was first exposed?


Pink slime is the term given to the ground beef found in fast food outlets, grocery stores, cafeterias in schools and national restaurant chains.  Essentially it is leftover cow parts that has been treated with ammonia hydroxide.  Estimates for this ground beef that Jamie Oliver said was "unfit for human consumption" were reported to be around 70%.

In case you missed it, Jamie demonstrated the process in his television program that aired in early 2011 as seen in the video below. 

Interesting about the pink slime process, it was only done for the United States market.  McDonalds Latin America, Europe and Canada did not. 

After the Jamie's demonstration aired and other videos aired, McDonalds finally announced that the pink slime processed would not be used in the U.S.

But my question is...What process did they replace it with?  The hamburgers are still extremely cheap.  There is more to the reason that just that they sell a lot and can take advantage to volume pricing.

There is still your grocery store, school cafeterias and the national restaurant chains.  If McDonalds uses it...they use it to.

So why write about it again?  Simply to bring awareness and hopefully make you think about other options.  Specifically locally raised beef.  More and more farmers are going back to traditional methods...or never altered the process.

That means grass-fed beef without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals.  Get to know your local farmer.  Ask questions.  Go to a Farmers Market in your area.

Grocery stores are carrying more all-natural and organic options.  It is that hard nowadays.  Reach out and you will find it.

Isn't your health...and that of your make the change?

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