Grapeseed Oil vs Olive Oil

Grapeseed Oil vs Olive interesting comparison. Grapeseed oil is a mystery to most while olive oil has become the popular “healthy cooking oil” most will have in their kitchen.

But grapeseed oil is very similar to the health benefits of olive oil. This healthy cooking oil has been used for centuries in wine production regions of the world as it is a by-product of wine production. Gourmet chefs have discovered its versatility in the kitchen and now it is starting to get recognized as well by in-home cooks as a healthy cooking oil.

Grapeseed Oil vs Olive Oil - Fat Content

Both are considered “good” oils as they have a high concentration of unsaturated fat. However, they contain different kinds of unsaturated fat…mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated…both needed in healthy diet plans. Olive oil contains a high concentration (77%) of mono unsaturated and grapeseed oil contains a high concentration (76%) of poly unsaturated.

Saturated fat is the type you want to limit in your diet. Excess saturated fat could lead to clogging of the arteries. When looking at the make up of this type of fat, grapeseed oil is better. Grapeseed oil has only 8% saturated fat and olive oil has 14%.


Grapeseed Oil is actually called The Miracle Frying Oil. This is because it has the highest flashpoints or smoking points of all cooking oils at 419 degrees. Grapeseed oil also has a low absorption rate into foods. This means that you retain more of the flavors of the foods you are cooking. Depending on the recipe and your taste, you typically are going to use about 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of grapeseed oil vs. olive oil.


The thing to take away is the choice you make between the two oils is dependent on a few factors. They're both considered to contain the "good" fat. Both should be limited in your overall diet plan. Look for more to come in the blog posts.

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