Meal Planning Benefits

There are many meal planning benefits. Once you get the hang of it, meal planning becomes second nature and you’ll never go back! With only an hour or so of your time each week, you can be set for two weeks of great, healthy meals!

Save Time!

  • Your list makes grocery shopping quick and easy
  • No running to the store for last-minute forgotten items
  • No need to waste time and mental energy deciding what is for dinner each night

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Save Money!

  • Meal planning means less take-out and fast food for dinner
  • Shopping with a list means less impulse buys and wasted food
  • A simple plan allows you to buy in bulk, shop when items are on sale, and clip coupons
  • The saved money WILL add up. Use it for a vacation, a special night out, or “extras”

Value Your Familys Health!

  • Skip the fast food and restaurant options which are typically high in fat and sodium
  • Skip the boxed or frozen “heat up and serve” options full of preservatives and additives
  • YOU can make the choice to bake instead of fry, add veggies, or season to YOUR liking.

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Prevent Obesity!

  • Prevent your children from becoming overweight by modeling healthy, balanced eating
  • Have a better handle on the nutritional content of your meals
  • Tailor your meals to your family members specific dietary needs

Spend More Time with Your Family!

  • By taking the time to plan ahead, you save time during the day and later in the kitchen
  • Use that time to spend on the things that matter to you….not running around!
  • Finally have the time you want to bond as a family over a nice dinner

Reduce Stress!

  • In a fast paced world and pulled in a million directions, dinner should not be an added stressor
  • No more worrying about everything you need to pull dinner together
  • Visit the store weekly or twice a month, with list in hand, and leave the worry behind
So...can't you see how meal planning benefits reducing that Kitchen Time Stress?

Source: Wildtree

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