How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Do you want to learn how to maintain a healthy weight? Well, with so much information out there, we guess you have probably heard it all before.

Our approach will take that information...and provide guidance. This is because there is conflicting information out there. One diet tells you to stay away from fat. Another tells you to skip the carbs. It can be confusing.

So we will help you sort through that and get down to the basics. Unlike the traditional or fad diet, a healthy diet plan should not be restrictive or confusing. Our guidance will help you develop strategies so you can turn the information...into wisdom!

To compliment the guidance, we believe we have some great solutions that will give you the missing key...SUPPORT! Studies show that those with the proper support network are more likely to lose weight...and keep it off.

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What The Body Needs

The human body's dietary requirements aren't some pseudo-science. It starts with using a common sense approach of balancing calories in vs. calories out. Most also know what we should eat and shouldn't eat to be the healthiest we can be. It's just not common practice.

Our daily food choices make up about 75% of our health in maintaining a healthy weight. The rest is made up of adequate physical activity, getting plenty of rest, stress, environmental conditions, our DNA and other factors.

Beyond the number of calories, you also need to learn the importance of the quality and timing of those calories to help maintain a healthy weight. Science based knowledge will help with this to fuel your body properly.

What's Eating You?

Before even trying to maintain a healthy weight, you have to take a good self-assessment of you and your surroundings. Are you happy? Are you depressed? Do you like your job? How is your marriage? Do you have financial concerns? So many questions.

Ok, only you know the answers...but here is a little pep talk:

The first step to better health and aging starts with you!

For things to change, YOU need to change!

Assessment and Plan of Action!

Once you have made a commitment to getting healthier, the next steps are to assess where you are and where you want to be. A good indicator is to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), a general guide on whether your at a healthy weight. Another indicator is your target heart rate during exercise. Largely dependent on your age.

Set a Top Goal supported by many small-step goals! Do you want to lose 100 pounds? Break this down into 10 pound increments. Do you want to run a 10-k race? Start by walking one mile...then walking/running two miles. Eventually this will lead to crossing the finish line of the 10k. By breaking down your goals into small steps, success will come faster and easier and give you a boost in your self-esteem.

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