How To Lose Belly Fat Kickstart Plan

How To Lose Belly Fat doesn't have to be about a magic pill. We assure you that none of these rules are “unhealthy” or “extreme”. These starting guidelines can be incorporated to not only kickstart your fat loss, but also help you achieve better health and well-being for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Starvation is one of the worst meal plans you can follow for fat loss. Our principles do not use meal plans that are a crash diet or short-term plan. You won't deprive yourself and be "miserable". In fact, you will feel great!

The rules are simple. The meal plans are easy to follow. It is guaranteed to work...IF you add the commitment and motivation to stick to the plan.

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First Some Tips Before Starting

1. Only eat food you enjoy. and donuts. Ok, don't go to the extreme here. Everything in moderation as calorie count and quality is important when learning how to lose belly fat. What we mean is don't follow a crash diet of cottage cheese and grapefruit if you hate those foods.

How about scrambled whole eggs in butter with your favorite vegetables and 2 slices of sprouted grain toast? French toast made from healthy bread and eggs? A juicy hamburger or steakfor lunch or dinner? How about making your own pizza from healthy ingredients? We could go on and on with a long list of delicious foods. The point is you do not have to eat like a bird or eat tasteless food to be healthy and lose weight.

2. Do not go cold turkey. You didn't get into bad habits overnight so changing to good ones won't happen overnight either.

Change is easier when you do it with small steps slowly. Establish one healthy eating habit each week. This will "crowd out" the bad foods eventually. This also helps reduce the stress or anxiety you may experience with changing things overnight.

3. Do not go hungry. Starvation is bad when figuring how to lose belly's worth the constant repetition. This is a common mistake people make. Actually the opposite is true. You must give your body the nutrients (fuel) consistently throughout the day in order to see weight loss.

The three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are all critical but so are snacks in between. Snacking on things like raw nuts, fresh fruits and healthy trail mixes can really keep you from experiencing any hunger throughout the day and help control any cravings that may come up.

How To Lose Belly Fat

Here are easy steps part of our Kickstart to see results quickly. Follow these for the next 14 days.

1. Don't eat anything that is white. Think about most foods that are white and chances are you shouldn't be eating it. Specifically, I'm talking about white bread, pasta, sugar, white rice, and most milk products. Healthy foods like cauliflower, chicken, turkey, fish are all exceptions to this rule.

2. Only drink water, NOTHING else! How about coffee? Just to keep any possible withdrawal headaches at bay, one small cup of organic black coffee is ok. Can you add half and half?...Well is it white?

3. Don't eat anything with the word wheat in the ingredients list. What if it's whole wheat? Look, if the word starts with W and ends in T and has the letters h-e-a in between, you can't eat it.

Stick to this plan for the next 14 I didn't say the rest of your life! The point is you want to jumpstart your metabolism. You will be amazed at the results.

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So What Can I Eat?

1. First, forget everything you have heard about Fat. It is not necessarily as bad as the media and so-called experts lead us to believe.

Fat DOES NOT make us fat. It is actually necessary to lose belly fat...but it has to be the "healthy fat". Especially when you trying to learn how to lose belly fat.

Some fats like hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils that are highly processed do contribute to heart disease and weight gain, but good fats like butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil are actually great fats that our bodies need.

But be sure they are minimally processed. For instance, if you purchase coconut oil, we only recommend pure, extra virgin. Of course organic is even better.

2. need to scream. Ok, so we said to eliminate white foods such as pasta, white rice, potatoes, and bread. So what's left?

Just like Fat, Carbohydrates are necessary for the body to function. This gives us the primary source of energy. Your brain does not function as well without carbs.

Most know the best sources...Fruits and Vegetables...raw if possible. Try to get some of these into your daily eating habits: broccoli, asparagus, leafy greens, sweet peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, cabbage, kale, quinoa, berries, cherries, garlic, whole-grain rice and oatmeal.

3. Protein: How much do I need? Great question. Many people are under the false impression that they need to drink protein shakes, eat raw eggs, and 14 oz steaks to see the lean and toned muscles on their body. Not true at all (especially the raw egg part!). Yes, we do agree protein is important, not only for muscle building but also for fat burning as well. However, there is no need to eat a small farm each day to see great results.

4. Reduce Wheat and Dairy. Ok, this one isn't a necessity on how to lose belly fat. But it is to feel better. For starters, they are the two most inflammatory foods that cause bloating in most people. Not to mention when people overeat, it is usually on wheat and dairy foods: cookies, cakes, ice-cream, pasta, bread. Ever heard of anyone overdosing on brown rice? Or poultry? Doesn't really happen.

5. Add in some extra walking. Get your body moving! If it's not walking, do something you enjoy...and more of it. This is one of those "secrets" when learning how to lose belly fat.

Just adding in an extra 20 minutes of walking for the next few days will make a significant difference. Bad weather keeping you from it? Head over to the mall and make a trip or two laps around the place.

6. Find a support group. Find a buddy to help each other through these steps. Studies show people are more anything...if they are part of a group.

Not only is important to find others with similar interest, it's important to stay away or limit the exposure from the non-supportors. The ones we love may be the ones that sabotage us the most....Yes, I'm talking about our family members. Stay strong and remember your why. Simply respond with positive statements like "I really feel great eating this way. It's made such a difference in my life."

Use these steps to kickstart your plan and How To Lose Belly Fat will be a thing of the past.

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