How To Cook

How To Cook - From novice to gourmet, our goal is to provide guidance, support and solutions to make Kitchen Time a breeze! And if you're interested...with a healthy twist.


I find there are tree types of cooks:

  1. Gourmet or gourmet wanna be's....they can whip up anything from their pantry or leftovers that has you wanting more.
  2. Middle of the Road - They do okay and can hold their own with the basics.
  3. Forget about it - This is where I fell in before Wildtree...the best thing I made for dinner was......a reservation!

What category do you fall in? As you can imagine, this is a big topic. Are you interested in learning about baking a cake, grilling fish or how to cook a turkey? Maybe you just want to cook an egg?

So of course, answering a general question like this is difficult to answer in a single post. My intent is to create specific pages and blog post to address more detailed aspects of cooking.

Simple, Healthy Cooking

For now, as I've talked to people about "What's For Dinner?" and cooking, there are two primary responses:

  • I don't have time
  • How can I Eat Healthier

So as we post more content, it will center around Quick, Easy and Healthy cooking solutions!

4 Key Points To Cooking

Regardless of being a beginner or gourmet chef, there are four key points in making cooking pleasurable.

  1. Recipe - To get from point A to point need a plan. In cooking terms, it starts with your recipe. Of course for the beginner, you need step by step written instructions. For the more experienced, written recipes may not be needed.
  2. Accessible Ingredients - If your recipe calls for something only available half way around the world, the dish is going to be difficult to make. As you gather recipes, make sure you have access to the ingredients. And when it comes to cooking on a budget...available at a fair price.
  3. Cookware and utensils- Just like a carpenter or plumber, to do complete a project quickly and need the proper tools. Cooking is no exception.
  4. Fresh Is Best - Remember, we said "healthy". So microwaves. boxed dinners and other processed foods...Forget About It! If it doesn't grow in the ground or have a mother...It's processed. If you can't pronounce an ingredient on the label...most likely it's processed.

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