Healthy Snacks

The key to Healthy Snacks is to make wise food choices based on a number of factors. You need to consider the calories, nutrients and activity level among others.

So often we eat mindlessly. We grab a "quick bite" while at work, watching TV, or working on the computer, when traveling or just out running errands.

What this does is add to your calorie intake leading to excess. But in these days it can be difficult to maintain a healthy eating plan.

Here is an interesting fact: it is estimated that 15% of the typical American’s daily calorie intake comes from between-meal snacks. That's understandable considering the fast-paced world we live in today.

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4 Steps To Success

1. Plan Ahead
This is probably most important if you an office or if you traveling. When that hunger strikes, if you don't have any healthy snack ideas around you, it is too easy to go to the vending machine or local fast food joint.

2. Determine Your Likes

This sounds easy enough but stick to the foods you like. If you like apples, make sure you have a supply on hand. Carrots are a great snack, but if you don't like them, don't force yourself to eat them.

If you do have a sweet tooth, go ahead and indulge. But remember the calories! If you limit yourself, the mental anguish can be too much and lead to over indulgence.

3. Get A Portable Refrigerator

Ok...not literally...just talking a cooler here. Fill it at the beginning of the day. Some healthy snack ideas include raw nuts, fresh fruits and veggies. Even hard boiled eggs are a great choice. Of course this is a great way to keep your water cold if your traveling or running errands.

Don't forget the ice pack...especially at the end of the day by putting it back in the freezer so it's ready for the next day.

4. Need lunch? Look For A Grocery Store

Yes, the fast food might be the first thought when thinking about lunch. But the local supermarket is an even better choice as most have wonderful salad bars nowadays...not to mention fresh fruit and vegetables.

Other options include picking up some trail mix or perhaps a sandwich at their deli (you control the condiments).

Easy Homemade Yogurt
Make your own easy homemade yogurt, enjoy different kinds of yogurt recipes. Save your money and eat healthy!

Get More Practicial Snack Tips And Ideas By Clicking Here

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