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Healthy eating guidance...Where Do We Start? There is so much information out there...and mis-information. Maybe this is why people feel overwhelmed when it comes to improving their eating habits.


“You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.” ― Julia Child

With today’s highly processed food containing many unnecessary ingredients, our food choices are the root cause of numerous health issues of our nation – approximately 75% of our health is determined by our diet! We are what we eat as the saying goes…and most people know this. But they don’t know where to start or how to change their eating habits. READY TO START

The Wild Pan-Tree’s goal is to provide guidance, support and solutions to develop healthy eating habits, make meal planning and grocery shopping easy and teach healthy cooking methods using the right ingredients. Our approach empowers you to adopt a lifestyle to support individual, healthy eating habits to conform to your lifestyle needs.

So What's In Your Pantry?

With that question, here's the first thing we want you to do...Get rid of the processed foods! If it has high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil in the's highly processed! If it's man's processed.

As a general rule, only buy things with less than five indgredients on the label.

And finally, if you can't pronounce an ingredient...chances are it's highly processed.

Finally, we don't like to use the word "DIET" around here. We prefer "LIFESTYLE". Get a kickstart with this Healthy Eating Diet Advice

Grocery Shopping

Try to incorporate more all-natural and organic foods into your grocery shopping. Now be careful on the labels here. The FDA doesn’t regulate “natural food” labeling like they do with organic. However, even “organic” doesn’t mean totally organic…look for labels that say 100% organic.

So are you ready to get started on a path to cooking healthy? When it comes to your pantry,

Wildtree is an excellent choice.

It’s a great little company that is growing fast and starting to get more recognition...not only for their all-natural food line (they just announced their going 100% organic by mid 2012) but also their QUICK & EASY recipes. They have about 200 items…everything to help you with your cooking, from appetizers to desserts…breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To shop Wildtree, click here

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Wildtree is an all-natural food company that doesn't use any preservatives, no food dyes and NO MSG! From appetizers to desserts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wildtree is a great choice! Now they're ORGANIC!!

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Wildtree is an all-natural food company that doesn't use any preservatives, no food dyes and NO MSG! From appetizers to desserts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wildtree is a great choice!

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