Does P90X Work?

Does P90X Work? Sure it does. But you need ONE THING to make sure this works and you get the results you're looking for...

the proper PHILOSOPHY

Just like with anything, success starts with YOU and your internal guidance system. What do we mean by this? Well, let's say you want to stay healthy. Well, a philosophy to get this is "An apple a day....keeps the doctor away." If you change this to A Big Mac a day... I don't think I have to tell you the results you will get.

This system gets results. You've seen the ads...IT WORKS!

Watch Perry's story:

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With the P90X system, you get 12 workouts that was developed to change your body from average to ripped in 90 days. Muscle Confusion™ is the "magic sauce" that is an advanced training technique that accelerates results by always introducing new moves and plans so your body never peaks.

So does P90X work? Yes...If you follow the plan, do the workouts, adhere to the diet plan, etc. etc.

If you don't, then it will not work....simple as that.

Avoid Some Pitfalls

1. Not having a strong enough "Why". What are you trying to achieve with P90X? It has to be more than "get in shape and be healthy". You need a measurable goal. Internal motivation. A better statement would be "I want to reduce the risk of heart disease that runs in the family and be around for my kids."

This way, any time you just don't feel like it...think of your kids.

2. Lack of support. There are numerous studies that show when you are part of a group, chances are more likely to succeed at something. This is because of accountability. It is great to recruit a family member or friend to do this with you. If not, there are options on the Internet.

Solution: Find a workout buddy

3. Not following the nutrition plan. If you're wondering "Will I get the results without the Nutrition Plan?" Most likely No. It's possible if you already know about the proper nutrition, but the P90X nutrition was designed to go hand in hand with the workouts. Most people don't know about good nutrition in the first place...that's why they need P90X.

4. Time Management. We live in a fast-paced world nowadays. There just doesn't seem enough time in the day. Well...go back to you "Why". Make a schedule and get your workout on it. Mornings work great for people because it "gets it out of the way".

5. Not having the right equipment. You don't need to join a gym but you do need some basic equipment. Make the investment Dumbbells or resistance bands (or both) are an absolute must. Also a pull-up bar is necessary. That's it.

P90X does work. Follow the Beachbody program and you won't have to worry about the question "Does P90X work?" Are you ready to give it a try? Order yours now!

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